Sudhir Sachdeva law Classes for Business Law/ Mercantile law, Company Law, Industrial Laws and other laws which are included in CA, CS, CMA, and LL.b courses are very popular among students

Sudhir Sachdeva has been serving as a Law teacher in the education industry for over 16 Years. He has taught well over 15,000 students of CA, CS, CMA, and LL.b during his coaching journey.

Sudhir Sachdeva Law Classes are famous among students due to his simple, easy and super effective approach of teaching. Students love his flow charts techniques of teaching and his way of explaining the most difficult concepts in a very simple way. His ability to give real-life examples relating to the topics of Law are the highlight of his law classes. Students grasp the concepts taught by him at once and are able to recall and reproduce whatever they learn in his class. Whatever he teaches is imprinted in the long-term memory of students as claimed by his students themselves. Many of his Students have got full Marks in CA-CPT and many students have been getting exemption in Law Subjects of Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary and Cost and Management Accounting courses for many years.

One of his remarkable achievements is that many of his students are now teachers themselves and many are working as CA, CS, and Lawyers with reputed companies. He always advises to all of his students to Work hard and stay focused as there are no shortcuts to success! :)



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Company Law by Sudhir Sachdeva


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Laws & Ethics by Sudhir Sachdeva

CA Inter-online-Classes

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CA Inter Law Prof. Sudhir Sachdeva

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KSHITIJ BHARDWAJ | CA Inter Law Prof. Sudhir Sachdeva | 04-Oct-2019

Very Good Teacher and Class.Thanks Examonline

Saqib Malik | Laws & Ethics by Sudhir Sachdeva | 05-Sep-2019

Law & Ethics by Sudhir Sachdeva Sir on is very much recommended to all my juniors 4.5 Star