Info.About CA - IPCC IPCE Regis.oral coach.

Info.About CA - IPCC IPCE Regis.oral coach.

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CA - IPCC IPCE : Oral Coaching : Registration Class Timings, Attendance

  CA - IPCC IPCE : Oral Coaching : Registration Class Timings, Attendance


Oral coaching classes are conducted by the institute at its head office/regional offices/branches/chapters. In addition the institutes accredit private colleges and coaching centers for imparting oral coaching. A student who intends to take up oral coaching may join any one of such centers/institutions.


Registering for CA IPCC amounts to enrolling/registering for postal coaching. Registration for oral coaching has to be done separately.

Students to enrol for oral coaching classes at the oral coaching center where the student intends to join for coaching.

Schedule and Class Timings

Timings of the classes may vary from one center to another. Some conduct them during normal day time, some others during morning/evening sessions only. The timings are specific to each center and have to be known from the respective centers.

Classes in the various subjects of the course are conducted as per the pre determined schedule which will be provided to students taking up the classes.

Who can Attend?

Oral Coaching is meant for students registering for the CA IPCC course. Only registered students are eligible to take up this coaching (except in a case where a student attends the classes out of academic interest in the subject being taught). One can attend the oral coaching classes only at the center where he/she has got enrolled for the oral classes.

There are no additional qualifications/conditions required to be satisfied by the student for taking up oral coaching apart from being a registered student and paying the requisite oral coaching fee.

Attendance Requirements

Since issue of any kind of eligibility certificate is not involved in the coaching process, there is no minimum attendance required to be put up by the students.

However, the institution conducting oral coaching classes may impose restrictions relating to continuous attendance to classes. A student may be made ineligible to attend subsequent classes if he/she fails to attend classes for a certain number of days. Such information if any, can be obtained from the respective oral coaching centers.

When to get Registered?

The schedule for conduct of oral coaching classes varies from center to center. One should approach the center in consideration for specific dates.



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