INFO. ABOUT CA-CPT Exam Frequency

INFO. ABOUT CA-CPT Exam Frequency

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Info.about CA-CPT Exam Frequency of ICAI

 CA-CPT: Exam Frequency

Paper Pencil Mode

In the CA CPT main examinations in Paper Pencil mode, the candidates are provided with an OCMR sheet along with the question paper wherein the answers have to be marked. These exams are conducted twice every year generally on the first sunday of the months of June and December.

  • June Examination

    June 6th, 2010; June 5th, 2011; June 3rd, 2012.

  • December Examination

    December 5th, 2010; December 4th, 2011; December 2nd, 2012

The dates do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.

Online Examination Mode

In the CA CPT main examinations in Online Examination mode, candidates are required to fill in the answers to the question paper on a computer. These examinations are held once a month in the 4 months preceding the month in which the Paper Pencil Examination is conducted.

Online Mode is optional

A candidate can attempt the CPT examination in this mode, apart from the Paper Pencil mode.

The schedule for the 4 examinations prior to December 2009 exam,

  • August

    August 22nd 2009; August 23rd 2009

  • September

    September 26th 2009; September 27th 2009

  • October

    October 24th 2009; October 25th 2009

  • November

    November 21st 2009; November 22nd 2009



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