CA-Final:Registration Fee

CA-Final:Registration Fee

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CA-Final:Registration Fee - How much, How/Where to pay, Installments

 CA-Final:Registration Fee - How much, How/Where to pay, Installments

The registration fee is the total fee payable to the institute and it includes the fee for registration as well as the fee for imparting coaching (generally POSTAL Coaching).

  • Admission to Final through PCE/PEII -

    With Articles – Rs. 9000 
    Registration fee with Board of Studies – Rs.500 (if not paid earlier) 
    Students Association Fee – Rs. 500 (if not paid earlier) 
    Total – Rs. 10,000 (without articles Rs. 8,500)

  • Admission to Final through IPCC – Rs. 10,000 + 2000 for article registration fee if not paid earlier
  • Conversion to Final (old) Course to Final (New) Course – Rs. 1100 towards cost of study material.

Joining an oral coaching center !!

The fee for imparting Oral coaching is decided by the coaching center. This fee is distinct from the fee to be paid to get registered as a student for the course.

The coaching center may provide the registration service for students in which case, the fee that the student would be paying at the center would be including the registration fee as well as the oral coaching fee.

The fee may vary from one coaching center to another. Please verify from the respective center.

This information is for the student to get an idea of the fee particulars. Students are requested to confirm the figures before making the actual payment.


  1. We try to maintain the up to date information. This information is given to enable you to have an idea of the cost that you may have to incur for doing the course. Since the fee is subject to revision frequently, it is in the interest of the student that the actual figures may be verified before paying the fee or taking the D.D. or drawing any other instrument towards payment of fee, from the application or the source from which the application is being acquired.
  2. The fee given above is the one that is charged at the oral coaching centers run directly by the institutes at their head office/regional office/branch. The actual fee which generally varies from coaching center to coaching center may be verified with the actual oral coaching center that the student intends to join.

Installment Facility

There is no provision for payment of CA Final registration fee in installments.

Joining an oral coaching center !!

The coaching center imparting coaching, may provide installment facilities at its own discretion.

Please verify this from the coaching center you wish to get admitted to.

Where to pay

The registration fee may be paid in the form of a D.D. or a challan as per the details provided in the application/prospectus and be submitted along with the application for registration.

Registering through an oral coaching center


If you are registering at/through any of the centers authorised to impart ORAL coaching for the course, then the fee should be paid at that coaching center where you are getting admitted.






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