CA-Final:Postal Coaching-Registration

CA-Final:Postal Coaching-Registration

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CA-Final:Postal Coaching-Registration - When? Where?

 CA-Final:Postal Coaching-Registration - When? Where?

Postal coaching is conducted by the institute and is monitored by the respective regional councils of the Institute. No other institution/organisation is authorised in this regard.

All the aspects relating to the postal coaching are handled by the regional council within whose purview, the address of communication of the student comes.

How and when to take up?

There is no separate registration for postal coaching. Registering for the course amounts to taking up postal coaching. Thus the dates for registration are the relevant dates even in case of taking up postal coaching.

Where to get Registered?

Registration (enrollment for postal coaching) has to be done with the regional council of the institution.


The institutes offices may accept submission of filled in registration applications. Note that all applications wherever they may be submitted would be routed to the relevant regional council.back



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