Ca-Final:Oral,Postal Coaching

Ca-Final:Oral,Postal Coaching

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CA-Final:Oral/Postal Coaching - Course Material

 CA-Final:Oral/Postal Coaching - Course Material


Course Material for Postal Coaching

Students registering for postal coaching will receive a set of study notes/material for the subjects involved in the course. The material is of self study type covering all the aspects of the subjects.

Course Material for Oral Coaching

Since all students registering for the course are automatically enrolled for the postal coaching, all students taking up postal coaching would have receive the postal coaching material.

The center/institution conducting the oral coaching classes may provide additional material to be used for imparting training in the prescribed syllabus.

Material in Hindi

Study material for students registering for postal coaching is available in ENGLISH and HINDI media.

Mention the Choice at the time of Registration

A student at the time of registration has to indicate the preference of the medium in which he would wish to receive the material. If no specific mention is made, the material in ENGLISH would be sent.back


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