CS -FP: Course Registration

CS -FP: Course Registration

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Foundation Programme FOR Course Registration OF CS

 Registration ­ Methodology, Certificates to be furnished

Use the "Application for Registering as a student for the Foundation Programme (CS FP)",
enclosing support for educational qualifications and the prescribed fee. The application
may be sent to the regional council/office directly or handed over to the nearest chapter
of the institute.
Certificates to be Furnished
Attested photocopies (Original Certificates need not be sent) to be sent along with the
application for registration:
Proof of Minimum Educational Qualifications
Marks sheet of (10 + 2) or Intermediate or equivalent as a proof of minimum
educational qualification.
Students registering Provisionally
A student registering provisionally for the course need to submit only the proof of having
made an application for the 10+2 examination (hall ticket) or any other similar proof to
substantiate his status as a 10+2 student writing his/her final exam.
Prospectus/Application ­ Cost, Where to obtain/submit?
The institute has regional offices in all the four geographical regions (North, South, East,
West) of india for the purpose of handling the administrative tasks. All the aspects
relating to students except conduct of main examinations are monitored and tracked by
the regional councils. So for any details in relation to the student/candidate one should
contact the regional council under whom he/she is initially registered.
Where to Obtain the prospectus/application for registration?
You can obtain the prospectus containing the registration application,
if you intend to register for
Postal Coaching conducted by the Institute
1. at the offices which work directly under the institute i.e. the Head Office or
Regional Offices
2. at the Chapters of the institute which are managed by the respective
professionals of a locality
Oral Coaching imparted by the centers authorised by the institute
1. At the coaching center itself.The coaching center may have an additional application (relevant to that
center only), to be submitted along with the application for registration
You can also obtain the applications from the Institutes Head Quarters, Regional Offices,
Addresses of Regional Councils, Branches, Chapters, ...
Cost of Registration Application/Prospectus
The prospectus of the institute contains the application for registration along with it. The
cost of Application or Prospectus for Registering for the Foundation Programme
By Hand ­ Rs. 200
By Post or courier ­ Rs. 250
The payment can be sent by demand draft drawn in favour of ‘The Institute of
Company Secretaries of India’ payable at New Delhi, to ‘ICSI HOUSE” 22
Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003.
Where to submit the registration application?
You can submit the Registration Application,
if you are registering for
Postal Coaching conducted by the institute
at the Regional office relevant to the location you specify as the address for
communication (generally your place of residence)
Oral Coaching imparted by the centers authorised by the institute
at the coaching center itself.
All the applications, wherever they are submitted, would be sent to the relevant regional
office/council wherein the data relating to the student is maintained.
Downloading Applications
The institute has provided applications online which you can download, print and use.
You can download the Registration Applications from Application Download Page
Onilne Registration
The institute has provided facilities for registration through online payment.
You can access the Registration Page here.
Registration Fee ­ How much, How/Where to pay, Installments
Registration fee is the total fee payable to the institute and it includes fee for registration
as well as fee for imparting coaching (generally POSTAL Coaching) to be paid at the time
of registration, by whatever name it may be called and into how many ever parts it may
be divided into.
  • Postal Coaching: Rs. 3,600
The breakup of the fee is as follows:
i. Admission Fee — 1,200
ii. Postal Tuition Fee — 2,400
  • Oral Coaching: Rs. 3,500/­
The Oral coaching fee is decided by the coaching center. The coaching center
retains a part of the fee and only a part of it is sent to the institue as per the
understanding it has with the institute. The fee charged by the orgal coaching
center includes the registration fee as well as the oral coaching fee for the course.
The fee may vary from one coaching center to another.
Installment Facility
There is no provision for payment of CS FP registration fee in installments.
  • Joining an oral coaching center !!
The coaching center imparting coaching, may provide installment facilities at its
own discretion.
Please verify this from the coaching center you wish to get admitted to.
Where to pay
The registration fee may be paid in the form of a D.D. or a challan as per the details
provided in the registration application/prospectus and be submitted along with the
application for registration.
  • Registering through an oral coaching center
If you are registering at/through any of the centers authorised to impart ORAL
coaching for the course, then the fee may be paid at that coaching center where
you are getting admitted, if they provide such a facility.
Registration Fee ­ Exemptions/Concessions, Refund
Half Fee exemption/concession for students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Tribes
Applicants belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are required to pay half
(50%) of the fees only on furnishing an attested copy of the Caste/Tribe certificate along
with application.
Refund of Registration Fee
Once an application for registration is sent, no cancellation is possible.
If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for being registered for the
course, the institute would reject the application. Only in such cases the instrument (D.D)
he/she has used to pay the fee is returned back. The applicant can cancel the instrument
and get the money back.
Refund of fee paid is not possible under any other circumstances.
Registration ­ Last/Cut­off dates
Registration for CS FP Level can be done all throughout the year. There is no such thing
as a last date for registration.
A student would be able to appear at the first examination falling 8 months after the date
of registration. As such, the only requirement for a student to be eligible to appear at a
specified examination is that this minimum course duration should have elapsed after
Taking the minimum course duration into consideration, the following dates can be
considered to be cut­off dates for registration for enabling a student to appear at the
noted examination.
Students registering
  • On or before March 31st can appear in the December Examination the same Year
Register Before To be eligible for
31st March 2011 December 2011 exam
31st March 2012 December 2012 exam
On or before September 30th can appear in the June Examination in the next Year
Register Before To be eligible for
30th September 2010 June 2011 exam
30th September 2011 June 2012 exam
Registration ­ Validity Period, Revalidation
Expiry of Registration ‐ Maximum Number of Attempts
The registration for CS FP is valid for a period of 3 years from the month in which his/her
application, complete in all respects, is accepted for registration or for 6 attempts
whichever is earlier.
Non — appearance at an examination would amount to an attempt
Failing to get through within the Validity Period
If a student fails to get through within the validity period, the registration gets cancelled
and the student has to register again afresh to be eligible to appear at the CS FP
(Company Secretaries Foundation Programme) examinations.
Re‐registration may not be prudent
Re­registration may not be prudent for students taking up CS FP after their 10+2 along
with their graduation, since the student would be completing the graduation examination
by that time and would be able to pursue the main course (starting at the EP level)
without having to go through CS FP.
Change of place of residence subsequent to registration
All the data relating to a student is maintained at the regional office under whose
purview he/she has got registered. Once a student gets registered for CS FP under a
regional council, he/she has to stick to the same and correspond with the same for all
purposes, either academic or otherwise.
Only aspects relating to examinations are centralised i.e. processing examination
applications, evaluation, verification of answer papers, issue of marks sheets, hall
tickets, ... etc.
Even if the new place of living the student has shifted to, falls under the purview of a
regional council with which he/she has got registered earlier, the student has to consider
himself/herself to be on the rolls of the regional council with which he/she has got
registered. All correspondence relating to the student should be made with that regional
council only.
Intimate the Change in Address
To ensure the receipt of the student news letter and other correspondence from the
institute properly, the student should intimate the institute regarding the change of place
of living so as to get his/her address changed in the records of the institute.
Students are also advised to intimate the post master of the earlier place of living, so
that any mail received at that address would be redirected by the post master
Eligibility to appear at the main exam ­ Is registration in time enough?
Registering before the cut off date is one and not the only requirement to enable a
student to appear at a particular examination.
In addition to registering within time, a student should also complete the compulsory
coaching requirements like submitting eligibility papers (Postal Coaching) etc., before
being made eligible for appearing at the main examinations BACK



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