CS:FP:Students already Regis.

CS:FP:Students already Regis.

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CS-Foundation Programme for Students already Registered for Foundation Course

 CS-Foundation Programme : Students already Registered for Foundation Course

Transition Scheme For Students Registered For Foundation Course

Switch Over to Foundation Programme (FP) Immediatly
Students registered for Foudation Course (FC) prior to November 2007 may opt for Foundation
Programme (FP)

Last Foundation Course Examination
The last Foundation Examination under the existing syllabus shall be held in June 2009 and the old
syllabus shall cease to operate after the June 2009

First Foundation Programme Examination
The first Foundation Programme Examination will be held from December 2008

Individual Subject Exemption under Foundation Programme (FP)
A candidate shall be exempted from appearing in the individual papers on the basis of exemption
from individual papers previously secured by him under Foundation Course (Old Syllaus) on
his/her switch over to the Foundation Programme (New Syllabus)
Papers passed/exempted under Foundation
Course (old syllabus)
Exemption of Papers under Foundation Programme
(New Syllabus)
English & Business Communication  English & Business Communication
Basic Economics and Business
Economics and Statistics
Financial Accounting  Financial Accounting
Elements of Business Laws and
Elements of Business Laws and
Information Systems and Quantitative
Economics and Statistics


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