CS - PP:M IVGov.Ethics&Sustainability

CS - PP:M IVGov.Ethics&Sustainability

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CS - Professional Programme OF Module IV FOR Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability

CS - Professional Programme : Module IV - Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability


CS_PP :: Professional Programme 
Paper 8 : Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability
[One paper: Three Hours – 100 marks]

Level of Knowledge:

Expert knowledge


To provide knowledge on global development and best practices in the corporate world.

Detailed contents :

Part A: Corporate Governance (50 Marks)

1. Evolution, concept, principles and development.
2. Management structure for corporate governance; Board structure; building responsive boards – issue and challenges; effectiveness of Board, board committees and their functioning in particular audit committee, legal compliance committee and Stakeholders’ relationship committee; appraisal of Board performance, transparency and disclosure; internal control system and riskmanagement.
3. An analysis of legislative framework of corporate governance in various countries – such as UK, USA, India.
4. Corporate communication; art and craft of investors relations; shareholders activism, investor protection and changing role of Institutional Investors.
5. Corporate Social Responsibility and good corporate citizenship.
6. Various corporate governance forums – Common Wealth Association for Corporate Governance (CACG), Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD), International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), National Foundation for Corporate Governance (NFCG), etc.

Part B : Business Ethics (30 Marks)

7. Genesis, significance and scope; organization perspectives.
8. Ethical principles in business – codes and innovations.
9. Concept of the stakeholders’ organization.
10. Activity analysis, business dilemma versus decision, characteristics of ethical dilemmas; the dilemma resolution process; business ethics as a strategic management tool; stakeholders’ protection.
11. Challenges of business ethics and corporate leadership.

Part C: Corporate Sustainability (20 Marks)

12. Genesis, meaning, nature, objectives, significance and scope of corporate sustainability.
13. Sustainability reporting – frameworks and guidance; trends and drivers; business benefits of corporate sustainability reporting; leadership programmes and stakeholder engagement; corporate sustainability management systems.
14. Legal framework; conventions and treaties on environmental, health and safety and social security issues.
15. Principle of Absolute Liability – Case studies.
16. Contemporary developments. BACK

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