CS - PP: Provisional Registration

CS - PP: Provisional Registration

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CS - Professional Programme FOR Provisional Registration

 CS - Professional Programme : Provisional Registration


What is Provisional Registration? Who can Register? Procedure

Provisional »

  • Meaning : Under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon.
  • Synonyms : Temporary, Interim, Conditional, Makeshift, Short-term, Impermanent

What is Provisional Registration?

A provisional registration is a registration that is temporary and which would be regularised on fulfilling certain conditions in the future. The registration would be canceled if the conditions required are not met within the prescribed time limit.

Provisional Registration enables you to register for the course without having to wait for the results of the qualifying examination.

Who can register Provisionally?

There is no provision for getting registered provisionally for the Professional Programme level. There should be a gap of one examination between the exam in which the student qualifies at the Executive Programme level and the first exam in which he/she appears at the PP Level.

Therefore, the student would lose no time if he/she registers immediately on the results of the intermediate examination being declared. BACK



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