CS-PP:already Registered Final Course

CS-PP:already Registered Final Course

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CS - Professional Programme for Students already Registered for Final Course

CS - Professional Programme : Students already Registered for Final Course


Switch over to Professional Programme Immediately

Students registered for Final Course prior to 1st February 2008 may opt for Professional Programme (PP).



Students can apply for switchover to the new syllabus after declaration of results of June, 2008 Final Examinations i.e. after 25th August, 2008 while seeking enrollment to the subsequent Examination during December, 2008 or June, 2008 or December, 2009 sessions.

All students of Final Course would automatically be transferred to the Professional Programme (new syllabus) on 26th February, 2011 and examined under the new syllabus from June, 2011 session.

The student changing over from the old syllabus to the new one shall not have an option to revert back to the old syllabus.


Last Final Course Examination

The last Final Examination under the existing syllabus shall be held in December 2010 and the old syllabus shall cease to operate after the December 2010


First Professional Programme Examination

The first Professional Programme Examination will be held from June 2009

Individual Subject Exemption under Professional Programme

Passed Group I/Group II (old syllabus)

Students who have passed the Group-I under old syllabus will be exempted from all papers under Module-I of the new syllabus.

Similarly, the students who have passed Group-II under the old syllabus will be exempted from all the papers under Module-II and the students who have passed Group III under the old syllabus will be exempted from all the papers under Module II of the new syllabus.

Exempted from individual papers of Group I/Group II/Group III (old syllabus)

A candidate shall be exempted from appearing in the individual papers on the basis of exemption from individual papers previously secured by him under Final Course (Old Syllaus) on his/her switch over to the Professional Programme (New Syllabus)


Passed/Exempted under Final Course 
(Old Syllabus)
Paper(s) Exempted under Professional Programme (New Syllabus)
Group I Module I
Advanced Company Law and Practice Company Secretarial Practice
Secretarial Practice relating to Economic Laws and Drafting & Conveyancing Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
Secretarial, Management and Systems audit Due Diligence and Corporate Compliance Management (Module – IV)
Group II Module II
Financial , Treasury and Forex Management Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
Corporate Restructuring Law and Practice Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
Banking and Insurance – Law and Practice Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability (Module – IV)
Group III Module III
World Trade Organisation - International Trade, 
Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaborations
Strategic Management, Alliances and International Trade
Direct and Indirect Taxation – Law and Practice Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
Human Resources Management and Industrial 
Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability (Module – IV)






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