Prepare for CA Final May 2015

Prepare for CA Final May 2015

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How to Prepare for CA Final May 2015

Preparation  for CA Final May 2015

Let’s get started!!!!



Prepare a time table or study plan. All those who are studying without any plan are going to be in trouble. Believe me, through a proper study plan you would be able to track your progress and revise the plan according to current progress. But those studying without planning would never know how to complete the remaining portion in lesser time. Try to stick to the plan.



Always go outside for one day every month till March. For all those studying at home, it creates boredom and inactiveness. So better go outside and enjoy. Refrain from any discussion about studies.



Keep a distance from all demotivating or negative personalities around you. Many of us have friends who are more intelligent than you. Sometimes such friends exaggerate how well their preparation is going on. This is going to harm your confidence if you are not on track of your plan. And there are some other friends who always talk about negative things like “yaar is baar exam mushkil aane wale hai”….”yaar ye chapter to bahut hi ajeeb hai”.Strictly keep distance from such friends. Remember no one remembers you once they clear CA and you are left behind.




Cursing CA course is not at all useful. All of us were very well aware of the fact that CA is never a piece of cake. It is supposed to be difficult.




There is one major difference between Achievers and losers and that is losers are always ready to give excuses for their failures which I also did same on some occasions. But Friends, I always believe that as long as your excuse is not appearing on your marksheeet it is useless. Excuses make us weaker and less interested in making amends.

Talking about me, I have had so many excuses to give. I gone through eye operation during my 10th board, suffer tuberculosis and thyroid during 12th, gone through three eye operations before May 2014 exams and missed by 4 marks in aggregate in CA final nov 2013 both group. But I always self motivate myself and push myself forward. I suggest you all to do the same.




Some students while preparing for CA final exams use to repent their mistakes of missing classes or not studying well during coaching classes. Friend!! This is sunk cost, so ignore it. Live in the present. It’s a gift, that’s why it called present.



Download or buy the latest study materials for all subjects and go through all new additions in the study material as mentioned in the starting pages including questions and text. You can expect some questions from these.




Solve at least two past year question papers for every subject. It is quite possible that you are behind your study schedule and then you would choose over preparing more chapters rather than solving past year exam papers. Believe me!! It’s a big mistake. I recommend solving Nov 2013 question papers; it will prepare you for difficult exam. Whatever you have prepared, test it through giving mock exams in exam conditions and solving it on landscape answer sheets. What I mean by exam conditions is that you must be giving exam sitting on chair not on lying on bed, with no AC on and within time limits.




These are must. In every exam, expect 10-­15 marks from both. Many student say no question ever come from RTP/mock test. But this is CA final there are less chances of direct questions.ICAI generally pick the concept from RTP/Mock test.




It must be on tips. Don’t leave them for later. It will fetch you more than 50 marks in IDT and DT total. Important for audit and law also.




If you have good self control, refrain from social media as much as possible. Otherwise use it during breaks for 5­10 minutes just to relax.




Do decide the best time for you to study. Whether being it morning or night. Mornings are generally preferable. Once decided don’t change it afterwards.




No to group studies. Group studies are alternative for gossiping.


14.Cell Phone Switched off

Keep you cell phone switched off during solving important part of syllabus like solving practical problems. You have to start again if someone calls you in between.


15.Those Student who did't clear exam 

All those who didn’t clear nov 2014 exams I would advise them to get their answer books from ICAI so that you can know the mistakes you have committed and get a judgment of ICAI’s evaluation.


16. New study materials

Don’t go for new study materials during preparation time. Stick to those you already have.Published in Students Source : No Source Specified Views : 9726


17. About your Diets

Eat proper and light diets otherwise you will end up increasing your weight and being lousy and sleepy whole day. Eat less but much more times.


18.Time Pass

Don’t surf internet without any cause, just for time pass.


19. Don’t download files shared on websites unless you require it. No doubt all files shared on caclubindia are great but it may not be helpful for you. So, no unnecessary downloading. It creates confusion.



Practice all practical problems by hand. No audit of solutions.


21. Most important thing!!

Make notes for all important points/concepts observed during solving practical problems. I used to write down all silly mistakes I commit. It will help you next time you solve questions.


22.Don't disappointment your last exam

I advice all my friends who did not clear November 2014 exams to come out of their disappointment and start studying. Its playtime mates!!!


23. There would be definitely times when you will be depressed. Try to talk to your parents, Motivating friends during such times. It’s normal to be depressed or tensed about exams.So, never decide to skip the attempt.


24.Don't Skip your exam

Many students skip rest exams after accounts because it didn’t go well. Never ever do that. Go through all exams. Try to forget about previous exams which didn’t go good.


25. No discussion about exam after coming home. Try to focus on next one.


26. Prepare all subjects in a way that you can revise major topics in one day.

I have shared my views and contrasting views are welcome. I have tried to keep the article –simple and straight forward for easy grasping.






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