Reason for Change in CA Course

Reason for Change in CA Course

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Reason for the Change in CA Course from 2016

 Reason for  the Change in CA Course from 2016


S.NO Change in CA New Course Reason for the    Change
1. Change of Name to CA Foundation, Intermediate and CA Final These names are more widely accepted & are quite familiar & well known to the society.
2. Time Gap of 9 Months between registering for CA Course & appearing for CA Foundation Exams. Adequate time is given so that Students get sufficient time to study since the Foundation Course has been made descriptive. Also there is an addition of a full new paper. 
3. CA Foundation Exam will be partly descriptive in nature. The present MCQ based system for all papers is giving rise to guess work. As a result , even underserving Students reach the next level giving rise to false hopes. It affects the quality of the proffession.Moreover, the writing skills are also not tested in the current manner in which the CPT Exam is conducted.

foundation Course No. of papers-4 paper 1: Fundamental of Accounts(100 marks)

Paper2: Quantitative Aptitude(100marks)

Paper 3:Mercantile Law (60 marks) &  General Economics (40 marks)      

 Paper 4:General English (50marks)& Bussiness Communication (50 marks)  

Fundamentals of Accounting and  Quantitative Aptitude have been raised to full papers of100 Marks having regards to there importance and ensuring strong foundation for  CA Students. Mercantile Law is for 60 marks as Contract Act,1872 will be exclusively covered  here . General English and  Bussiness Communication added as a new subject seeing its importance in the modern business world and preparing the CA'S for tomorow.

This will also provide an opportunity to test the writing skills of potential candidates. 

5. 12 Months Study period for Intermediate Students from the Date of Registration for the  Intermediate Course . Keeping in view that it is proposed to have 8 full papers at the Intermediate level, the study period has 

Intermediate:8 Papers

Group I 

Paper 1:    Accounting(100marks)

Paper 2:Company LAW (60 marks), Other Laws (20 marks)& Ethics (20 marks)

Paper3:Cost Accounting (100 marks)        

Paper 4:Direct Taxes (100 marks)

 Group II

Paper5:Advanced  Accounting (100 marks) 

Paper-6:Auditing and Assurance (100 marks) 

Paper-7:Financial Management (100 marks)

Paper-8:Indirect Taxes (100 marks)

The existing Communication of 20 marks is proposed to be dropped from the Intermediate level as it is now a 50 Marks paper at the Foundation level.


Business Laws of 30 Marks has been dropped from the Intermediate Course as it is included as a full papers at the Foundationlevel.


Allocation of Marks of Company Law has been raised to 60 Marks in view of its scope and Coverage.


Select Allied Laws are also proposed to be  taught at the Intermediate level.


Paper on Information Technology(IT) has been proposed to be dropped as there are 2 Training  Courses  of 3 weeks each on IT. This would also provide the flexibility to modify the course contents to be in tanderm with the changing environment .


Further , it is also proposed to introduce Assessment Test to test  the competence of the students.


Paper on Strategic Management  has also been dropped as many aspects are proposed to be covered in the  Integrated Course on Information Technology and soft skills.


Financial Management and Cost Accounting are proposed to be made full papers of 100 Mark each, having regards to their Course Content. 

7. Practical Training of 3 years will commence after qualifying either Group I or Both Groups Of Intemediate and after successful completion i.e passing an assessment test of 3 Weeks on Information Technology and Soft skills (ICITSS)   The condition of successfully completing the ICITSS before practical training is to ensure that Stuidents attain a reasonable level of Technical and soft skills required to carry out their work as CA Professionals. The ITT and GMCS have been merged to save the time, resources and energy of all involved.
8. The Students will have to undergo 3 weeks advanced integrated course Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) During the last 2 years of practical Training. The AICITSS will ensure advanced Knowledge of technical and soft skills relevant for the profession. Their completion during the 2 years will ensure that the Students get the necessary and useful Skills during the course of their training.
9.  Students can appear for CA Final Exams after the completion of 3 years of Practical Training .  This is to ensure minimum interruption in Practical Training.

CA Final No. of Papers-8Group

Papers 1: Financial Reporting (100 Marks)


Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management (100 Marks)


Paper3: Advanced Auditing Professional Ethics (100 Marks)


Paper4:Corporate Laws and Other Economics Laws (100 Marks)


Group II

Paper5:Advanced Management Accounting (100 Marks)


Paper6: Financial Services and Capital Markets (100 Marks)


Paper7:Advanced Tax Management (60 Marks) and Intenational Taxation (40 Marks)


Paper8: Indirect Tax Laws (100 Marks)

 International Taxation for 100 Marks has been introduced in view of the increasing importance of the Subjects in the Present globalized world.


The nomenclature Corporate Laws and Other Economics Laws has been Kept to make the name more representative of the subject.


The subject Information System Controls Audit (ISCA) has been dropped in view of  2 Courses on IT.


A new subject Financial Services and Capital Markets has been introduced to make CA'S more competitive in the finance related areas. 

11. To introduce and integrated question covering diverse topics in each paper of CA Final Exam. It would help in testing overall Knowledge , understanding and application Skills of the  students who would be entering the profession in the near future.

 Please Note:

Although the new course is expected to be introduced somewhere in 2016,ICAI has also previously announced that both the existing as well as new course will continue for the next few years after which ICAI will gradually shift to the Course .

The existing course Students need not worry as they would be given ample time to clear their exams.

The original draft of the new course curriculam can be downloaded from here:- Original Draft of New CA Course 2016





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