ICWA Foundation - Course Structure

ICWA Foundation - Course Structure

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CWA ICWA Foundation - Course Structure recognised by ICWA

 ICWA Foundation - Course Structure



Course Level Name/Identification

CWA/ICWA Foundation

The first level of the cwa/icwa course conducted by the institute of cost and works accountants of india is identified as Foundation.

This is the Lowest level at which a student can start pursuing the Cost Accountancy course.

For those students who are starting their pursuit of the cwa/icwa course after their 10 + 2 or 

intermediate, this is the entry level.



Course Duration

The minimum course duration as per the regulations of the institution is 6 months.

The course duration is the minimum time that a student has to spend on taking up the course at this level. It is the period starting from the time the student gets registered for the course, to the time the student completes the course at this level.

The actual time that a student has to spend on the course would be dependent on the actual date of registration.



Exam Frequency

The main/final examinations for the cwa/icwa course at this level are conducted twice every year generally on specified dates which do not change except under extraordinary circumstances.


June Examination

Third Week of June [15th to 18th — 2 pm to 5 pm]


December Examination

Third Week of December [14th to 17th — 2 pm to 5 pm]



Minimum Requirements : Age, Academic Qualifications

Minimum Age

The minimum age required for registering for the CWA/ICWA Foundation is 17 years on the date of registration.

It should be noted that, for registering for the subsequent level i.e. intermediate level a candidate should have completed 18 years age on the date of making application for registration for the level.


Minimum Academic/Educational Qualifications

A pass at the 10 + 2 or Senior secondary or intermediate examination of a Board/University recognised by the Central Government or State Government or equivalent examination as recognised by the All India Council of Technical Education or National Council of Higher Education.


Group (MPC/MEC/BiPC ...)

There is no stipulation as to the group that a student should have taken up at the 10 + 2 examination. Students of all groups are eligible for taking up the course.


Medium (English, Hindi, ... )

There is no stipulation as to the medium that a student should have taken up at the 10 + 2 examination. Students of all mediums are eligible for taking up the course.

However, one should note that this course is available only in English and Hindi media.


Minimum Percentage (%)

There is no stipulation as to the minimum percentage that a student should have got at the 10 + 2 examination. Just a pass at the examination is sufficient.



Are Supplementary Passed Candidates Eligible?

There is no restriction of any sort on the eligibility of supplementary passed candidates in taking up cwa/icwa foundation. The minimum academic qualification required is just a pass at the 10 + 2 level.

A candidate can pursue the course even if he/she is a supplementary passed candidate at the 10 + 2 or intermediate level.



Pursuing along with 10 + 2 or Intermediate

Can start only after 10 + 2

The course at this level is designed for being pursued by the students along with their Graduation after their 10 + 2 (senior secondary/intermediate). Thus pursuing this course along with 10 + 2 (intermediate/senior secondary) is not a possibility.


Start immediately after 10 + 2 Exams - By Provisional Registration

However, a student who has appeared for the 10 + 2 (senior secondary/intermediate) examination may apply for the foundation level course provisionally, thereby starting the pursuit of this course even before the results of the 10 + 2 or intermediate examinations are out.

The candidate should be able to provide the results of the qualifying examination (10 + 2/senior  secondary/intermediate) within 6 months of such registration, failing which the registration would get cancelled.

Note that students registering before June 25th can appear at the December examination.


Pursuing along with Formal Graduation Courses

Pursuing along with Graduation

There is no restriction with regard to pursuance of this course along with any other course i.e. any graduation course or diploma course. It is designed for being pursued along with Graduation after their 10 + 2 (senior secondary/intermediate).

A student on passing the Foundation level would be taking up the Intermediate level. The course at the both the Foundation/Intermediate levels can be pursued along with graduation/post-graduation courses.


Pursuing along with B.Sc|B. Tech|M.B.B.S ...

Since the course is basically commerce oriented, the best bet is a student doing this course along with formal B. Com course of any university.

However this is not a requirement/compulsion. Even students doing their Graduation course in the science stream, can pursue this course along with their graduation (i.e. B.Sc).

Even students doing their engineering, medicine etc can also pursue this course along with their graduation courses. There are specialised streams like Cost Engineering, Energy Auditing, etc., which can be pursued on doing professional accounting courses along with professional courses in science stream.



Are Graduates required to take up this level?

Graduates are not required to take up this level. They can start their pursuit of the CWA/ICWA course at the Intermediate level directly.

This level is thus the entry level only for those students who intend to take up the course after their 10 + 2 (intermediate/senior secondary) i.e. along with their graduation.

The admission requirements for the second level of the course i.e. Intermediate level stipulates that the student should have qualified in either the Foundation Course examination or should be a Graduate.

Qualifications which are recognised as equivalent to graduation.



Course Structure Pattern

The CWA/ICWA course at the Foundation level consists of only theoretical examinations. There are 6 subjects arranged into 4 papers each of 100 marks


Pass Marks

To pass/qualify at the examination a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers together, failing which the student has to reappear in all the papers of the module again.



There are no provisions for exemptions to students, even in conditions where the student has obtained high marks.








Graduation/(10 + 2 + 3)





[9 subjects arranged into 
two stages of 3 papers 
of 100 marks each.]

Practical Experience/Training

Students are required to undergo 3 year training (with a company or a Cost Accountant in practice Registered with the institute or obtain an exemption from training based on their work experience).



 A student has to get through the papers at this level and thereby pass the Foundation level to be eligible to go to the next (Intermediate) level of the course.



Subjects to be Studied

Each paper 3 hours-100 Marks

Paper 1 : Organisation & Management Fundamentals (OMF)

  • Section I : Organization - 30%
  • Section II : Management - 70%

Paper 2 : Accounting (ACT)

Paper 3 : Economics and Business Fundamentals (EBF)

  • A. Economics - 60 Marks
  • B. Business Fundamentals - 40 Marks

Paper 4 : Business Mathematics and Statistics Fundamentals (BMS)







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