ICWA Intermediate - Eligibility Tests

ICWA Intermediate - Eligibility Tests

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CWA ICWA Intermediate - Eligibility Tests Coaching Completion Certificate

What is Coaching Completion Certificate?

These are the certificates issued by the respective institutions to their students on the successful completion of the compulsory oral/postal coaching. A student with a valid Coaching Completion Certificate (CC) only will be allowed to attend the main examinations.

It is just like having to compulsorily get through your pre-public examination and obtain a pass certificate in it, to be eligible for public examinations. The coaching completion certificate (CC) or a photocopy of it is to be appended with or its number is to be mentioned on the examination application.


Form of Certificate (CC)

The CC issued by the regional councils of ICWA/ICWAI is post card sized and contains the intimation regarding grant of eligibility by the regional council. The certificate issued has a number [CC - Number] which has to be mentioned at the time of making application for the examination. A copy of the CC may also be attached to the examination application.



To be able to include the information relating to the CC in the examination application or to append a photo copy of it along with examination application you have to receive within such time that enables you to submit the examination application before the last date. For this reason, it would be in the interest of the students taking up postal coaching to submit the answer papers required to be submitted well in advance.



Oral Coaching » Number of Exams to be Written

A written test will be conducted under stipulated examination conditions during the continuance or at the end of the course. The exact detail of the nature, duration, type of the examination etc., may vary from center to center. However they follow certain set guidelines in conducting these examinations.

The institute prescribes the number of tests per subject and the time frame of conduction of the exam which are to be followed as guidelines in conducting the end exams by the coaching centers.

Exact details in this regard can be had only from the Oral Coaching Center the student is intending to get admitted to.



Oral Coaching » Evaluation, Qualifying Marks, Re-exam

Examinations conducted in the subjects/papers and the qualifying marks to be obtained in them are as follows:


Number of Tests/Exams

There would be ONE TEST (duration of 3 hours) in each to be conducted over the period of coaching. A subject implies a paper at the examination.


Passing - Qualifying Marks

The candidate should obtain atleast 40% in each paper.

A student who has obtained the minimum qualifying marks only will be eligible for issue of a certificate of successful completion of the course i.e. the Coaching completion Certificate (CC).



If a student does not qualify in a term by passing the requisite examinations conducted by the oral coaching center, then he/she has to re appear in the examination conducted by the center during the subsequent terms and qualify in them to be able to get the certificate of successful completion of coaching (CC).

The schedule for re - examinations would be decided by the center and such information can be obtained from the oral coaching center the student has attended.



Postal Coaching » No. of Papers to be Submitted

Along with the study material/notes a set of question papers would also be sent which have to answered and submitted to the institution for evaluation within the stipulated time. A student will have to submit answers to the specified number of papers and obtain qualifying marks to be eligible to get the certificate indicating the successful completion coaching.

The papers submitted by the students are evaluated by examiners and marks allotted to them. The papers would be returned to the student by post after completion of evaluation so that the student may be able to assess his/her performance against the marks obtained and make any corrections needed in his study or approach.


Number of Papers Supplied

  • There will be 4 test papers for each paper.
  • A total of 24 papers (4 x 3 x 2) in all i.e. 4 x 3 for each group.

Number of Papers to be submitted

  • All the four test papers in each paper/subject are to be submitted.
  • A total of 12 papers (4 x 3) for getting eligibility for each group.

Candidates with higher Academic Qualifications:

Students who posses Post Graduate degree, Graduation with 1st Class, M.B.A from any recognized University or Indian Institute of Management or passed the final examination of ICSI/ICAI/All India services examination are entitled to this facility.

They are required to submit only the last two papers in each subject instead of four, thereby making it a total of 6 papers per group for getting eligibility. A total of 6 papers per group (3 x 2) i.e. 12 papers (3 x 2 x 2) for both the groups together.



Postal Coaching » Evaluation, Qualifying Marks, Re-submission

Qualifying Marks

The qualifying marks to be obtained in each paper is 40%.

A student who has obtained the minimum qualifying marks in the prescribed number of papers only will be eligible for issue of a certificate of successful completion of the course i.e. the Coaching completion Certificate (CC).


Where to send the postal test papers

The wrappers supplied along with the study material and question papers for postal coaching students have the address printed on them (which generally is the relevant regional council). The papers are to be sent only to that address and nowhere else.



If the minimum qualifying marks are not obtained in a paper, it has to be re submitted for re-evaluation. This has to be done till that time the student obtains the minimum qualifying marks in that many papers which would make him/her eligible to be awarded the CC.



Postal Coaching » Submitting the additional papers sent

The student would be provided with more test papers than the minimum he/she has to submit to obtain his/her CC.

It is always in the interest of the student that he/she answers all the papers provided to him/her which would be a help in his/her preparation for the main examination.

Students are always encouraged to answer all the papers. The optional papers would also be evaluated and returned to the student even though he/she has already submitted and qualified in the required minimum number of papers.



Postal/Oral Coaching » Who issues the EC/CC? Whom to contact in case of a problem?

The details of the student for all purposes are maintained and monitored by the respective  regional councils of the Institute.


Postal Coaching

In case of students undergoing Postal Coaching, the CC is issued by the regional council itself. Therefore when there is a problem with regard to CC, you should contact the respective regional councils of the institute.


Oral Coaching

In case of students undergoing Oral Coaching the CC is issued under the purview of coaching center run by the Institution/Branch/Regional Office/Chapter which conducted the oral coaching.

Therefore when there is a problem with regard to CC, a student should contact the coaching center where he/she has taken up oral coaching.



Postal/Oral Coaching » Validity period of EC/CC. Revalidation on Expiry

There is no specific mention made with regard to the validity period of EC | CC. However a combined reading of all the provisions gives an understanding on the restrictions on the number of attempts which in itself would make the EC | CC invalid.

The restrictions on the number of attempts may come into operation on account of


  1. The maximum number of attempts allowed getting exhausted.
  2. The registration getting expired.
  3. The validity period of the EC/CC getting expired


             1.Maximum Number of Attempts:

             There is no specific mention regarding the maximum number of attempts

             2.Registration Expiry

  •                7 years from the date of registration for Inter.
  •             3 years from the date of registration if the student does not appear in examination till then.

          The candidate has to get his/her registration renewed by a process called Denovo  Registration. The candidate after           registering denovo would be in the same position as if his/her registration has not been cancelled.


           3.CC Expiry

  •          3 Years from the date of issue (covering 6 attempts)

         The candidate has to get his/her CC revalidated by a process called Revalidation of CC. 

          The candidate after revalidating his/her CC would be in the same position as if his/her CC is valid.



This is needed where the candidates CC has expired. Where the candidates registration has expired and he/she gets his/her registration renewed either by the denovo process or the registration afresh process, they would stand in a position as if their registration has not been cancelled, which makes it unncessary for them to renew the CC, unless in the case where it has expired.




An application in the prescribed form (costing Rs.10 per group) should be made



The present fee is Rs. 800 per group and Rs.1,200 for both groups

In case a student has an exemption in any of the papers of the group for which he is applying for a revalidated CC, credit will be given @ Rs.10 per paper exempt


Papers to be submitted

The application for revalidation of CC for a group contains a set of four question papers, one in each subject/exam-paper which are to be answered and submitted


Evaluation and Pass Marks

The papers will be valued and on the student getting a minimum of 40% marks in all the papers a new revalidated CC will be issued.

Who issues the revalidated CC:

The revalidated CC is issued only by the Head Quarters at Kolkata.


Where to Submit the Application/Papers

The application together with the answered papers should be sent to the Head Quarters at Kolkata.


Last Dates for making application

Last dates for submitting applications for revalidated CC


  • For December Examination » 30th September
  • For June Examination » 31st March

Postal/Oral Coaching » Receiving EC/CC - Last Dates - Not Receiving in Time!!

The issue of CC is done throughout the year. There is no such date called the last date for issue of CC. However, since the CC is to be obtained to be eligible to appear for the main/final examination, care should be taken to ensure its timely receipt (i.e. within such time so as to enable you to file the application for examination in time).


Postal Coaching - Not in Receipt of CC within Time

A student should who has registered for postal coaching should have submitted all the papers required within the last/cut off dates.

Where a student has submitted all the required papers and is still awaiting receipt of CC, on the last date for submission of examination application, he/she may (not can) submit the examination application with the requisite fees [in spite of not being in receipt of the CC before the last date] making a mention of the same.

It is in the students own interest that he/she pursues his/her case with the respective regional council (postal coaching students) or the center where he has undergone the oral coaching (oral coaching students) and obtains the CC and sends a photocopy of the same along with a letter explaining his case to the head office where the examination applications are dealt with.

This would amount to the student making a provisional application on the anticipation that his/her CC would be ultimately received. If the student fails to submit his/her cc within sufficient time subsequently, he/she may not be issued the hall ticket for the examination.


Submit Papers as Early as Possible

Failure to obtain the CC may be on account of the reason that the student has not qualified (i.e. got the minimum required marks) in one or more papers that had already been submitted. In such a case, the student has to re-submit and qualify in that paper to be eligible for issue of CC.

That is the reason a student is required to submit the eligibility test papers as early as possible so as not to place himself/herself in situations as above.


Oral Coaching Students

Students taking up oral coaching would be issued CC by the coaching center itself. The case of not being in receipt of CC in time would be only on account of the student not qualifying in the required number of papers, in which case, the student cannot make an application for examination.


Postal Coaching » Separate CC for each Group!!

The CC is issued for each group separately. Therefore a student intending to appear in a particular group is needed to ensure that he completes the requirements for getting the CC for that module (Eg: submitting the papers relating to that group within the time frame needed, if he is taking up postal coaching or completing the compulsory training requirements etc.)



Postal Coaching » Last dates for Submission of Eligibility Test Papers

The answers for test papers should be submitted in such time so as to enable the timely issue of certificate of successful completion of coaching i.e. coaching completion certificate (CC). To enable this, cut off dates have been specified by the institutions, for submission of test papers.

Only a student with a valid Coaching Completion certificate, will be allowed to attend an  examination. Therefore, to obtain the CC which would enable the student to attend a particular   examination, he/she has to submit the answer papers within the cut-off dates specified for that  examination. 


Cut-off Dates to Obtain CC

  • For December Examination — Submit answers to all the required test papers before 31stAugust
  • For June Examination — Submit answers to all the required test papers before 28th/29thFebruary

Postal Coaching » CC - Is Submission within the Last Date Enough?

Submitting the papers before the last dates would make you eligible for consideration of issue of CC for the relevant examination provided you have qualified in the submitted papers.

If on evaluation it is found that you have not qualified in any of the papers then you would be  needed to resubmit the papers. In such a case if you resubmit the papers it would amount tosubmitting beyond the cut off dates, therefore making you eligible for the subsequent examination only.

Submission and re-submission should also be within the cut off dates. Therefore it would be in a students own interest that he/she submit the papers at the earliest possible time not waiting till the cut off dates. 





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