Amendments relating to GDRs

Amendments relating to GDRs

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Amendments relating to Global Depository receipts (GDRs)

Amendments relating to Global Depository receipts (GDRs)


The Depository Receipts Scheme, 2014 has been notified by the Department of Economic affairs (DEA) vide Notification F.No.9/1/2013–ECB  dated 21stOctober, 2014. This scheme replaces “Issue of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds and Ordinary Shares (through depository receipt mechanism) Scheme, 1993”.
The current taxation scheme of income arising in respect of depository receipts under the Act is aligned with the earlier scheme which was limited to issue of Depository Receipts (DRs) based on the underlying shares of the company issued for this purpose (i.e sponsored GDR) or FCCB of the issuing company and where the company was either a listed company or was to list simultaneously. Besides, the holder of such DRs was a non-resident only.
As per the new scheme, DRs can be issued against the securities of listed, unlisted or private or public companies against underlying securities which can be debt instruments, shares or  units etc; Further, both the sponsored issues and unsponsored deposits and acquisitions are permitted.  DRs can be freely held and transferred by both residents and non-residents.
Since the tax benefits under the Act were intended to be provided in respect of sponsored GDRs and listed companies only, it is proposed to amend the Act in order to continue the tax benefits only in respect of such GDRs as defined in the earlier depository scheme.
These amendments will take effect from the 1st day of April, 2016 and will, accordingly, apply to the assessment year 2016-17 and subsequent assessment years.
 [Clause 28]


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