How to overcome Exam Fobia

How to overcome Exam Fobia

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This is exam time or time of exam-fobia.This exam-fobia really needs to control before it start hurting you

I m sharing some small and short points, so that i wont have your much time to read this. But These are really very important points for the one who are having exams in May/June. This is my personal experience earned by answering many queries here on CCI, And by giving exams and clearing CA and CS. So i thought to share some points with you people which will help you in your exams

Do Take Care of the following points:

1. Nervousness: Don’t feel nervous guys.. Exams always takes nervousness feeling with itself. It really effects a lot to those who are not able to overcome this. You had already studied well. Now don't let this nervousness hits your hard work. So Stay cool, calm and relax during exam time.

2. Remember Things: Most of the Students complains that they don't remember things they have studied. And specially in exam days, so its a normal feeling of every student. There is nothing special in this. Its Common, don't feel that this happens with you only dear. You will not forget things on the exam day. So just stay confident. Don’t b panic .

3. Be Relax: Give yourself time to feel relax, Sitting 24 hrs with books wont help you in passing the exams. Your mind needs rest. You had to give some relaxing time to yourself like watching TV, Sitting with parents, family, hang out for while with friends, listening music, or doing whatever that makes you happy. This will give you a positive feelings which helps you in studies.

4. Proper Food: Mostly I had noticed that, As exam days comes near, student starts avoiding timely food. Seriously if you do this, stop this habit. You need to have energy. You think that you can move on without wasting time for food, but your body doesn't think so. It needs energy and that comes from food. So please do take timely and regularly breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat fruits as much as you can in exam times, it will give you energy...

5. Proper Sleep: Most of you in exam times don't sleep properly, because we feels that it wastes our precious time. But if you don't sleep, it wont let you study well. So your body needs rest, proper sleeps helps you to generate the energy back to work hard on studies. This energy helps you to concentrate on studies well and rock in the exams.

6. Health Issues: This one is very common, Exam days comes with headache, fever, body pains. Please do take care of these small things very well in exam days. You need to take medicine if you found any symptoms of getting ill before it get serious. To avoid this take care of yourself well.

7. Be Positive: Stay far away from negative feelings, negative people. You need to concentrate only on the positive aspects. You have to think only about the things which are in your hands like to study. Do your best and leave the rest. Don't worry about the paper, Results. This will not have any benefit. Stay positive with right approach will help you lot to crack CA Exams.

8. Don't Panic: Don’t feel panic about small small things like what to study, how to revise. No body will come to you and help you. You yourself had to do all this all alone. Then why to panic. There is no use of this. You can handle these situations with proper planning easily if you don't get panic. Staying calm and cool will help you to overcome these situations in exam days which will help you to score good marks in exams.

9. Exam Day: Try to b normal as much as you, because usually on exam days we all are in a hurry, Make your bag ready one day before the exams, like collect all stationary items, Admit Card. Do check it twice. Because sometimes, in hurry you forget the important things. So do it before one day of the exam.

10. Stay Confident: Everything has been already done . Now you only need to revise the things well. No need of hurry, nervousness, getting tensed. Just stay smiling and feel confident about the exams. Trust yourself that you can do this. Believe Yourself that you can do this....

I wish you “All the Best” For your exams guys.. Time to take action on all the hard work done by you from months. Don't waste this chance just because of getting panic, nervous while in exam times. Three hours confidence will help you a lot to crack CA Exam..




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