Sanjay Welkins : The Big Expert of Accounting

Sanjay Welkins : The Big Expert of Accounting

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Prof. Sanjay K. Welkins Area of Expertise: Accounts & Advance Accounts, Financial Reporting

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Prof. Sanjay K. Welkins

Area of Expertise: IPCC Accounts & Advance Accounts

  • Big Expert and leading authority on Accounts and Accounting Standards and is one of the most Prominent, Elite and Premium Faculty of the Nation
  • Commands Hi-quality Expertise in Accounting,Advanced Accounts, Financial Reporting, Accounting Standards
  • His Core Strength of Teaching is -Breathtaking Presentation, Language Proficiency and In-depth and Insightful concept clarity in the subject.
  • Is 'Ex- Academic Guide' of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India-
  • Has been teaching Accounts/Financial Reporting to the students of CA-FINAL, CA-IPCC/ PCC/ PE-II since last 20 Years.
  • CFA –from Chartered financial Institute of India
  • He has been a guest speaker in many seminars of various Institutions/ organizations Companies.
  • Has been invited, on several occasions by many a private sector Banks in connection with IFRS Compatibility workshops.
  • Is a regular contributor to leading Newspapers of the Nation.
  • Has authored several bestselling books on the subject.
  • Demo Videos:
  • Branch Accounting

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