What is your greatest strength?-the most common question ask in HR Interview

What is your greatest strength?-the most common question ask in HR Interview

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A list of frequently asked HR interview questions or Common interview questions or Job interview questions and answers are given below.

 HR Interview Questions -

What is your greatest strength?






Employers want to see if you can strike the right balance between confidence and humility. Hiring managers also want to get a sense for how self-aware and honest you are and align your strengths to the role at hand.

When responding to this question, you want to sound humble and not like you’re arrogant or bragging. Here are some tips to help you give them a great answer.

Describe a relevant experience.

If you're applying for a sales job, tell a story about a time where you helped a customer solve a problem with your solution.

Give specific details.

Tell them about a time you closed a deal that helped you hit a percentage of your annual number. When you share those facts with them, it helps them visualise how effective you have been.

Show them you’re a well-rounded person.


For example, share a story of when you used a “soft” skill, like effective communication with a coworker, and then one about you using a technical skill, which could be anything asked for in the job description.








  • Be authentic - don’t make up strengths that you think the employer wants to hear.
  • Tell a story about a work experience.
  • Be sure the strengths you share are aligned to the role you want.



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