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Subjects in CS EXECUTIVE

Company Accounts

Company Accounts Taught By:-

CS EXE -Cost and Management Accounts

CS EXE -Cost and Management Accounts Taught By:-

1 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting 2 Material Cost 3 Labour Cost 4 Direct Expenses and Overheads 5 Activity Based Costing 6 Cost Records 7 Costing Systems 8 Marginal Costing 9 Standard Costing 10 Budget, Budgeting and Budgetary Control 11 Cost Accounting Records and

Company law

Company law Taught By:-

Company Law for CS Executive 1. Introduction 2. Classification of Companies 3. Promotion and Formation of Company 4. Memorandum and Articles of Association 5. Membership in a Company 6. Prospectus & Allotment of Securities 7. Share Capital of a Company 8.

Economic and Commercial Laws

Economic and Commercial Laws Taught By:-

PAPER 3 -- ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL LAWS (100 Marks) PART A I. Foreign Exchange Management II. Foreign Trade Policy and Procedures III. Competition and Consumer Protection IV. Intellectual Property Rights V. Law relating to Arbitration and Conciliation VI. Law relating to Transfer of Pr

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